Geri Halliwell wakes girl in coma by singing to her. That ain’t no typo either.

Ssh, someone's trying to sleep here!

This is, like, our favourite story of the last *checks back* two days.

One day.

Geri Halliwell off-of Spicies has awoken a girl in Manchester by singing to her in hospital. Only with it being Manchester, that would be hospikal. With a k.

The story goes something like this/a lot like this (in point form):

– Jessica Knight, 14, gets attacked whilst walking home in Manchesterford, England, UK of Britain.

– Jessica slips into coma. Sadness ensues.

– Geri Halliwell takes time out of the Manchesterford leg of that Spicies money-grabbing extravaganza to go visit little Jessica. Or, if this was America’s Next Top Model, Geri would’ve been on a ‘go-see’.

– Geri sings a couple of lines from a well-known Spicy song, and Jessica is magically aroused.

– Just-like-that.

– Jessica’s mum, Jill Walmsley (we can’t at this stage be bothered to comment on the two-different-surnames thing) did say the following to The Mirror:

‘Geri sang a couple of lines from one of the Spice Girls’ songs and Jessica started moving her arms and legs. It was amazing. The next day, she opened her eyes for the first time.’

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3 comments to “Geri Halliwell wakes girl in coma by singing to her. That ain’t no typo either.”

  1. Hahahaha, fucking hilarious.

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  2. I’m assuming she woke in order to kick Geri Halliwell in the head in order to shut her up.

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  3. To be fair she’s always had a voice that could wake the dead, so it’s nice she’s putting her ‘talents’ to good use

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