Don’t take drugs, kids! They’re bad for you, apparently.

Just say no, kids!

What is it about Crystal Meth that it never took off in London?

We’re usually really good at drugs. Look at our international drugs ambassador Amy Winehouse! But somehow, while the kids are down with pills and poppers and are mentally retarded by the age of 16 off of skunk, that dirty Xtina has never really got a foothold on the club scene here.

Soooo not the story in the States where some have gone so far as to say Crystal has wreaked more havoc than your actual HIV. Which is kind of why they’ve come up with this commercial, directed by Joel Schumacher of Batman Forever and Veronica Guerin.

Click here to see that video.

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2 comments to “Don’t take drugs, kids! They’re bad for you, apparently.”

  1. I think gays over here decided they don’t need meth as they’re doing pretty well getting wrecked, fucking bareback and sending the HIV rate soaring as it is.

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  2. I lost nine months as a result of meth. It wasn’t all bad.

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