Oooh, preddy.

Red's SO your colour.

Today, we are mostly smelling of Ultrared Man, Paco Rabanne’s new smelly for the mens. Not only because it is here of its own free will and for no monies exchanged whatsoever, but because it’s delish.

A good way of deciding whether a smell is a good one ou non is whether ou non you’d like to eat the ‘notes’. Let’s look at the evidence:Top note: Blood orange zest.

Heart note(s): Praline and tonka bean.

Base note(s): Vanilla and patchouli.

Conclusion: Yum. (NB. Not sure if one can eat patchouli, but there’s a first time for everything.)

The other sure-fire way of gauging a smelly’s merits is the bumming test. So we sprayed Ultrared for the mens on a gennelman with a neck, sent him on his way – neck cocked at a jaunty angle ripe for sniffing¬†– and noted the results.

Results: People wanted to bum him. More than wanted to bum him before.

Conclusion #2: Hooray!

ps. There’s also Ultrared for the womens. We conducted the same experiment with a lady person, and she too was coveted in a bumming fashion. Also hooray!

pps. Ultrared launched this week. Men’s 110ml EDT = ¬£28.50; Women’s 80ml EDP = ¬£36. Bargainous.

ppps. Stockist info: 020 7494 6220

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  1. I’ve eaten patchouli. Very nice it is too.

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