Can Comme des Garcons do no wrong? That’d be a no.

8 88

It’s been noted by those who have smelt us that we’re fond of a Comme. ‘Specially an homme in a Comme (that just came to us. You can tell we’re trained in this). So it is of particular excitement when a new Comme smelly lands on our desk courtesy of lovely people with whom we’ve developed a special relationship in order to maintain a better smelling world/free giftage.

8 88 – the latest scent from the geniuses plural behind Comme des Garcons  – is just such a new Comme smelly.

Gold is your buzz-word here, people.

In that – continuing the Comme theme of creating ‘unisex’ scents from inanimate objects (like grass and metal and things) – they have this time taken their inspiration from gold. But seeing as gold doesn’t really smell of anything, it’s an imagination as t’were of the smell of gold, consisting of the pongs of the following gorgeous things:

– Saraline (it’s a saffron thing), pepperwood, curcuma, coriander and geranium. And etc.

And, like, totally bizarrely, it actually smells of ‘gold’. And it’s fucking delicious. Excuse our language. But it really is. And there’s a scented candle as well, so your room/office/other can smell of it aussi. And another good thing about Comme smellies is that they’re not ubiquitous like others we can mention ’cause, let’s face it, there’s very little worse than encountering someone with the same smell as you. Very little. Especially if they’re lumpen trouts.

Some factoids:

– 8 88 was launched yesterday.


EDP 100ml – £61
EDP 50ml – £48
Candle – £34 

Stockists: 020 7494 6220




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  1. God knows my scent could use an update from ‘White Shoulders”

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