Cilla Black in hideous delusion shock!

Amy Winehouse?

So there we were, minding our own, the telly pumping out tunes in the background (we’re very MTV office round ‘ere, see. We’re drowning in our own superciliousness) when almost out of nowhere pinged on the Paul O’Grady Show. We were surprised, to say the least.

What didn’t surprise us was the guest-age on said show, mostly consisting of Cilla ‘The gays LOVE me (we’ll be the judge of that)’ Black.


Split-screen the discussion turns to Amy Winehouse; cue oh-dear-it’s-so-sad-she’s-so-talented-we-hope-she-can-pull-through.

Now besides the never-not-knowlingly patronising tone of Cilla Black, it also turns out that Amy Winehouse is, like, the modern-day Cilla Black! Who says so? Why, Cilla Black of course!

‘She reminds me of a young me,’ said Cilla, as left of stage gays in the production team took their own lives rather than be dragged down the Shadow Lounge after the show wrapped by the council version of Karen Walker and Beverley Leslie.

But let’s remind ourselves of who Amy Winehouse reminds Cilla Black of. Cilla Black.

So, like a young Cilla Black only with talent, a voice that doesn’t strip wallpaper, a career that has nothing to do with nepotism/’Our Paul’ and, er, did we mention talent?

They just don’t make ’em like they used to, pop-pickers.


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3 comments to “Cilla Black in hideous delusion shock!”

  1. There is something so hateful about Cilla Black. ‘Showbiz’ in all the wrong ways.

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  2. I knew he when she was Cilla White and she was a rancid old cunt then, so she may have a point

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  3. She’s a fucking nutcase! What is she talking about. She had far more class than that wretched drug addled bore Amy.

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