Fag Hag Diary

Never knowingly wrong.


Anthony Minghella, very clever posh writer director man has died. Boo. But as god closes a door, he opens a window. And that happened when Justin Toper in drag only got some loose change Paul found down the back of a sofa in her prossie settlement. Hurrah!

And judgetta has been saying all sorts about her, most of it not very nice. Double hurrah!

And she went into Viv Westwood for her trial suit and said, ‘Excusez moi, what is the most disgusting thing in yow shop?’ and lo, they gave it to her – the jester suit with the high waisted trew that accentuate the nanas Cilla belly. Hurr… oh fuck it, someone just open the Bolly.

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  1. Funny.

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  2. You kids, you’re funny.

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