Meet Chad White. He likes dressing up. Quite a lot!

'Not something you could wear to the supermarket' - Lorraine Kelly


This is Chad White off-of clean-cut Americano. Following the gladiator costume he wore for Attitude a couple of months back (we did the interview, by the way. Charming fella, absolutely charming), he’s now taking it one step further with a costume you normally wouldn’t see outside the bathroom area of Ms. Susie Kruegar’s Vauxhall extravaganza Hard On (last Saturday of the month, in case you were wondering).

It’s from the same edish of VMan that contains this┬áthough it seems to us you don’t need to be splashing out on a Chad White kind of fee if you’re going to make him wear a mask. Or is that just us being penny pinching?

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  1. You hire a top model at a squllian golden coins a day, them make him unrecognisable. Point, much?

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