Now that’s what we call a night out…

Loose is the word

We love them Loose Women (US information box: It’s the UK version of The View, only much funnier) and who knew that a night out at the usually rather decorous Royal Television Society Awards would turn into a hen night on Blackpool Pleasure Beach with thongs being flashed, young men being snogged, knickers being revealed (outsize ones at that) and miles of cleavage being rammed down people’s throat.

They’re obviously our kinda gals (when we had to interview Carole McGiffin recently, her choice of venue was The Black Cap, Camden’s ropiest gay pub!). For more pics of the, erm, ladies, click here.

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2 comments to “Now that’s what we call a night out…”

  1. Fucking LOVE The Giff.

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  2. Gotta love them Loose Trouts.

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