Bianca has morphed into Ulrika Johnnson!

Waynetta Slobb

Remember Bianca when she was a slip of a thing, knocking about Walford Market with Tiffany, fucking Ricky, getting bladdered down the E17 club with not a care in the world? Well, them days are over for the ginger tornado from EastEnders.

Now she’s back with a caravan of four children by different dads (like Ulri-caca before her), with her possessions in black bin-liners and rowing with Ricky within minutes of meeting him. Oh, and we didn’t know that Janine, played by slimming guru Charlie Brooks, is also back, all for Frank Butcher’s funeral.

Loving the buried-alive scenario involving Hot Ginger Dad at the moment, but we totally can’t wait for this. 

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One comment to “Bianca has morphed into Ulrika Johnnson!”

  1. Totally unrealistic. She doesn’t even have any oversize hoop earrings.

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