Fag Hag Diary



Today, the Fag Hag is j’adoring Lady Tara de Stephen Tompkinson. Pray tell why, child? I hear you ask in the manner of Amish person wearing Holly Hobbie bonnet.

Because Lady Tara de Stephen has said that due to the complete goddamn absence of any non-serial killing, non-rapey, non-fugly, heterosexual men with at least 3 of their own teeth out there, she has been thinking of having a little baba with a gay… 

What, and miss out on the pleasure of having an overweight, smelly straight man who listens to Hard Fi too much checking out size 0 girls whilst you’re up the duff, yelling ‘For fuck’s sake!’ every time the baby stirs and throwing up in the cot every time Wrexham win (I swear I know someone that actually happened to!)

The woman must be mad!

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  1. Or maybe it’s because most decent men can’t face sleeping with a worn out, retired cokehead.

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