Mmm, smells like London

Fancy London ways

As you know we have been following the career/bottom of one Henry Cavill off-of The Tudors and have mentioned in passing that he is the face/bottom of a new Dunhill fragrance called London (that makes three Londons so far: Paul Smith, Burberry and now this).

Well, now the moving picture version of the ad has been released to much hullaballoo, featuring, as it does, Mr. Cavill walking through a Union Jack onto the roof of a building with an immaculate view of the fair city of Glittering London. And there’s a helicopter and everything! See it after the jump. Oh, don’t mind if we do, etc.

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2 comments to “Mmm, smells like London”

  1. That’s the view I have from my window. If you knock down the majority of north London.

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  2. He has the look of Orlando Bloom. Only sexier and without the girl-hair.

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