Renée has gay skin

The things I do to hydrate my skin

Hello. Renée ‘You had me at hello? We’ll be the judge of that!’ Zellweger has gay skin. ‘Tis not a lame Chris Moyles-esque slur, oh no; ’tis instead a reference to the silky shiny upper epidermis that is common amongst the dolly gays who often partake of micro-dermabrasion and/or have been liberal with the Eight Hour Cream.

Renée, fyi, can here be seen promo-ing her new moving picture, Leatherheads, in Maysville, which is Kentucky. Mmmm, Family Bucket. Other things to make a note of are that a) her skin is not a hot look and b) she really ought to stop speaking like a socially-retarded six-year-old girl.


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  1. Call me a cunt, but I hate Renee Zellweger. That ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ persona… bollocks. She’s the nastiest bitch of the lot.

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