Unveiled! The world’s most retarded tattoo (and yes, of course it’s David Beckham’s)

A load of old tat

When it comes to preposterous tattoos, you’ll go a long way to beat David of Beckham (has he had voice training, by the way? It seems much less girlie than it used to).

Whether it’s his wife’s name mis-spelt in Sanskrit (why Sanskrit? Is there a hidden significance we’re not aware of? Does he even know what Sanskrit is?) or a bunch of old doodles like you might find on your telephone pad, they are all about as tasteful as, well, his wife. But this new one, which we assume is supposed to be Lady Victoria but which could be Rebecca Loos (they still haven’t sued her like they promised, have they? Hmmmm….) takes the Fox’s Lemon Puff.

First of all, she doesn’t actually look like that: it is a tattoo of what his wife would like to look like but actually doesn’t. Second of all, what are those cheap Shoe Express shoes she’s got on. And third of all, GROW UP, you nincompoop. 

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3 comments to “Unveiled! The world’s most retarded tattoo (and yes, of course it’s David Beckham’s)”

  1. There’s nothing wrong with Shoe Express shoes.

    You need to get down there more and realise what barjanes there are.

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  2. Vile, vile, vile – and isn’t posh gonna hate it in 2 years/minutes when she changes her ‘fashions’/hair done?

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  3. What a silly cunt. Honestly, these people have something serious missing from an important place inside of their heads. Name escapes me…

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