Don’t worry everyone! The new Abercrombie & Fitch collection is ready!

This summer we'll be mostly wearing...

It’s the fashion event of the [fill in your own time reference here]! The new A&F collection! And, in a radical departure, they are proposing some shorts, some T-shirts, all with A&F plastered all over them, and some tops. Some are hooded.  

Photographs are (again) by Bruce Weber and could come from the year 1958. Oh, and if you’ve ever wondered how they get them buff blokes to work in the shops and even take their tops off to stand by the door… it’s because you need to work at A&F to stand a chance of being photographed by Bruce Weber for the catalogue. Sneaky. 

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3 comments to “Don’t worry everyone! The new Abercrombie & Fitch collection is ready!”

  1. Honestly, I know they have a ‘brand identity’ but Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz already!
    Anyway, what self-respecting gay would actually where this schmutter? A gay in A&F is such a deal-breaker for me…

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  3. AAA-GAY … I’m with you … no matter how good looking a man is, if he wears A&F, I’m not interested … it shows he has no brain, no sense of individuality, and certainly no taste.

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