Watch out West End! ‘Riah’s coming atcha!

Hats off!

If you should be casually stroking fragrances up front of shop in Selfridges sometime next Tuesday, watch out for Ms. Mariah Carey, who will be entering the store, according to her PR, “in a spectacular fashion” (we’ll be the judge of that).

She is in our favourite department store (tie with John Lewis actually. And we quite like Liberty, though that’s not quite a department store. And then of course there’s Harvey Nicks. But not Harrods. Never Harrods) to put her signature on her new single ‘Touch My Body’, which you can then take home and sell on eBay.

So, get out your Letts Brownie Diary 2008, turn to the page that says 1 April and write ‘Riah in ‘ridges at 4.55 sharp!’ We’re starting the queue directly after work this afternoon.

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2 comments to “Watch out West End! ‘Riah’s coming atcha!”

  1. I’m in the queue already… where are you?

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  2. Here! Look, HERE!

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