We have just seen our favouritest film of the year…

Love (and other disasters) it!

So, along we toddle to the opening night of the London Lesbian and Gay (and probably bisexual and transgender, but maybe not) Film Festival and fall head over heels in love with the new movie by Alek Keshishian of In Bed With Madonna fame.

Reasons for this include…

a). It stars Catherine Tate, who is genius.

b). It stars Dawn French, who is genius.

c). It stars Brittany Murphy, who we have loved since she sang ‘Rolling with the Homies’ in Clueless.

d). It’s funny and warm, with lots of hot gays.

e). It’s set in a London that actually seems like London (despite Mr. K hailing from other climes).

f). We love Alek and everyone who sails in him.

g). It has a very funny ending that made everyone gasp, which we’re really tempted to give away but no, mustn’t.

h). It’s stars Stephanie Beacham.

i). We really could go on right through the alphabet…

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2 comments to “We have just seen our favouritest film of the year…”

  1. Oh I went to that too. Maybe I saw you. I probably saw you. I saw you. I’m still drunk.

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  2. Catherine Tate is not genius. At all. Ever. Dawn French was once genius, but is now just another overly fat woman who thinks it her duty to be ‘jolly’. Let you off about Brittany.

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