Corrie-ness: Gail Platt’s dad, right, IS A BIG OLE GAY!

Ooooooooh, Gail.


So, Coronation Street is adding another homosexually gay ‘mo to its cast – in the form of Gail’s poppa!

Gail – who is such a cock, by the way. And appears to have lost her neck somewhere in 1973 – is, as we know, the daughter of Audrey. Who we freakin’ j’adore, by the way. We must make that clear. Anyways, imagine the scene: 

It’s *does the math* 1900-and-something, and Audrey’s a single mum to Stephen-with-a-ph living most probably on a diet of coal and pork scratchings. But – and this is a big but – Audrey’s not allowed custody of Stephen for some reason or other, and decides that the way to win back custody of said Stephen is to marry someone. How modern. But (another big but), the fella she fancies doesn’t fancy her back, so she goes for his best friend instead, Ted. We didn’t see that coming, etc.

Split screen and Audrey’s shagged this Ted fella, gotten preggars, but doesn’t want to stay with Ted so has trotted off for a life on t’cobbles (via Rentaghost). We digress. In the meantime, Ted’s discovered bumming and decided that it really is the way forward. And now he’s presumably decided that he wants to get to know his daughter. Could’ve saved you a whole load of trouble there…

True story.

And this is what Gail’s big gay dad looks like…

You can see the resemblance... 

Oh no sorry, wrong picture.

My gay dad.
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5 comments to “Corrie-ness: Gail Platt’s dad, right, IS A BIG OLE GAY!”

  1. I heart Audrey.

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  2. Me too.

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  3. Audrey is camp as tits – love it.

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  4. Are we sure Audrey isn’t Gail’s gay dad?

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  5. Hola! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and finally got the courage
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    to mention keep up the great work!

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