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Sun, sand, sea, six-pack, spants…


Now, you know we’re no big fans of Armani Exchange (who needs A/X written all over one’s clothing?) but it would be pretty remiss of us if we didn’t bring you this important new item from their Spring/Summer line. Phew. Duty done.

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Guess who’s going to star in Sesame Street soon?

a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y, ZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESome clues:

He’s hot in a sort of don’t want it kind of way.

His wife is not hot, no way, no how.

Sesame Street is probably totally on his wavelength, intellectually speaking.

He wears skimpy white shorts and sometimes you can see a bit of VPL.

He is of course, this person… (more…)

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‘Crikey O’Reilly, is it gone FIVE o’clock already and we’re too wrapped up in our own affairs to have had a sing-song?’

Pissing it down, it is

Today, in honour of the piss poor weather in London (emphasis on the ‘piss’), we bring you Madonna’s ‘Rain’, from back in the day when a new Madonna record was something to remember (do you get it?). We’re now thinking maybe we’ll have to buy the new one as it’s got OK-ish reviews… Over the jump. (more…)

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Quote of the decade. Nay, century. Nay, millenium. Nay… you catch our drift.

Noooo! Shut. UP!

‘I’m always looking for matches to light candles and I can never find them because I’m so afraid my kids will find them, and then I hide them from them and myself, so I can never remember where I put them.’ 

Gwyneth ‘I like high heels I do’ Paltrow. (more…)

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Another day, another pair of Aussiebum panties.

Our (other) new boyfriend.


So, Aussiebum have gone all retro on our arses/asses/back bottoms. Literally.

Which means they’ve fashioned a line of their famous pantage in the retro/American Apparel vein, that’s all the rage en ce moment. And seeing as they’ve gone all retro, they’ve gone all (what in their eyes equals) retro with the modelettes. Namely, they’re not shaved to pre-pubescent extremes. In that they actually have real-life body hair. As in, hooray!

We’ll now take this opportunity to look at pictures of someone going by the name of Mr Hotty McHot, withinside his new retro Aussiebum pantage, taking part in a process known as taking one’s jeans off, avec body hair and a nice bit of VPL (Visible Penis Line. How many times?). Do enjoyeth… (more…)

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For yoooooooooooou!

Too. Cute. For words. So we won’t bother with any.

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A whole load of whole load.


Guessed what it is, yet? The complete lack of originality should’ve given it away.. (more…)

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It’s (another one of) the official Sex and the City trailer(s)!

*cancels grandmother's funeral*

And we actually think it’s quite exciting/cute! See for yourselves after the jump… (more…)

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