Camper move away from orthopaedic shoe shock!

I'll have 178 pairs, please.

You know when you go to foreignland you always stock up on whatever said foreignage place’s signature item is? Eeee geeee, Levis in the US off-of A; Uggs when in Australia (if you’re fat and northern, that is); joss sticks in India; cocaine in Bolivia; Eskimo papooses in Alaska, that sort of thing. Well, when we go to e-Spain we don’t stock up on Campus shoe-age because we don’t want to look like we’re wearing the shoebox instead of the shoe.

Anyways, this may soon change. Because of them up there. Quoi? Well, they’re a new range of dolly bumpers by Camper, designed by Jaime Hayon. Sure, they’re a bit late with the plimsole thing seeing as you can get a pair that may or may not fall apart after the first wash daaaarn Brick Lane or thereabouts for £2.99 but, well, these are shiny and come in lovely colours and have a sporty-cum-dancy twist and come in four colours and we do like ’em, it’s true.


Oh, Camper est here on the interdolly.

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  1. I think I’ll stick to Church’s.

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