Johnny Depp to be face of condoms? That deserves an exclamation mark. !

First you get an erection...

Johnny Depp off-of Johnny Depp has reportedly been offered 5 million English golden coins to be the face of condom brand Trojan.

Sources at Trojan say Johnny – an advocate of safe sex (who the freak in the public eye isn’t? Except that freak the Pope?) – would give their profits cause a huge boost.

A spokeswoman for California’s Safer Sex Awareness Campaign said, ‘We’d welcome seeing a major Hollywood star helping to promote the cause. And there’s no one bigger than Johnny.’

Big Johnny Depp has yet to comment on the matter.

Who. Knew.

And in other news, Her Majesty The Queen has been offered her very own column on interdolly site me-me-me, for an undisclosed sum that has been disclosed as 7 billion earth pounds. The palace is yet to comment, but it’s thought Betty II is a huge fan of the gays and is considering the offer. ‘She loves them gays,’ said Source. ‘She’s aware of bumming and bummers and wishes them continued success and other lovely things.’

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3 comments to “Johnny Depp to be face of condoms? That deserves an exclamation mark. !”

  1. Zactly. It’s like, ‘we need some promo so let’s just say we offered some really big star loads of money and then send out a press release’. Rumbled, etc.

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  2. April Fools anyone?

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  3. Our entire family is crawling with bummer’s. David was a pillow biter from the time he was 12. My Granddaughter is a natural for the blog site. She might have her own tendencies (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)! Were still concerned about that mechanical stuff she did during WWII=

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