Let’s have… a political moment *stands on soapbox, not unlike in Speakers’ Corner down Hyde-y Park*

Bedtime stories

Hello. Aaaaaaaand, begin.

So, right, like, we’re normally too busy stroking our own or somebody else’s hair in a louche manner and/or bumming to take much notice of anything that isn’t on Living TV, but t’seems those poor little children who just want the chance to be nice and liberal and non-cunty when they progress to adult Gap are being STOPPED IN THEIR TRACKS by people who are a-feared of the gays.

Imagine the scenario, if you will, in point form:

– Homophobia is at record levels in schools. It’s true. Everyone says so.

– Schools are told, via the National Curriculum, to do something about it.

– One thing, ’tis suggusted, is to tell the kids nice stories that involve not only your ‘traditional’ hetero love triangles, but those betwixt people of the same gender. You know, *whispers* gays.

– For eg: And Tango Makes Three, a children’s book in which two male penguins living together in New York Zoo adopt a chick. Sweet. Or, King and King, where a prince is offered three princesses to marry but eventually chooses their brother. Who the fuck wouldn’t? All very nice, we think you’d agree.

– Oh but no. No really, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Some parents known in the business as Muslim have gone loop-di-loop down Bristol way and protested at their kids’ school and everything over the use of said lovely tomes, saying it’s against the laws of that book they’re always going on about.

– ‘In Islam, homosexual relationships are not acceptable,’ said Farooq Siddique, a representative of the Muslim Cultural Society who’s making excuses for the retarded parents.

– Honey, Shoe Express chunky wedges with white socks aren’t acceptable to us but, you know, there’s drinking and bumming to do. Priorities, etc.

– The end. 

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4 comments to “Let’s have… a political moment *stands on soapbox, not unlike in Speakers’ Corner down Hyde-y Park*”

  1. I agree with the crazies down Bristol. Boys kissing boys is gross. I can’t stay and chat further, I have a tube train to blow up.

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  2. I hate to get all serieux and all, but come on – isn’t it about time the people in the West said live with our way, or fuck off? If they don’t like what we stand for, why did they come over here in the first place? And no, I don’t sound like Enoch Powell in the slightest, I sound like most people who are fucked off about being told what to do by some bunch of cunts who live their lives according to a work of despotic fiction. Ours is a democracy spun out over thousands of years, and all of a sudden some freaks come over and don’t like our tolerance, and therefore impose their own fears upon us?
    And apparently, being homophobic is fine ‘n’ dandy and we all have to have a sense of humour about it, but making a valid point about the retarded elements of Islam is apparently offensive? Can someone please explain the rationale of that?

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  3. Oof, Desmond. But you have a point. They say out loud and in public ‘homosexuality is wrong’ but is anyone allowed to say out loud and in public ‘Islam is wrong’? One wonders.

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  4. Thank Allah for global warming. The penguins will be extinct and all gay penguins will perish from the earth. Amen. So sad isn’t it when religious expressionism trumps tolerance of all other kinds. And a prince being GAY is so fictional, it could never happen. I asked Edward of Essex in our cottage the other day.

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