Honey, face?

What is it Momma?

a) Ditch the rose-tints.

b) Eek.

c) Now, we do loveth Jordan off-of Katie Price as we would a fluffy white kitten were our landlord to let us get one (bitch) or indeed as we maybe would our own child. Indeed, we have shared a deep fried chicken treat from a well-known high-street vendor of deep fried chicken treats in the back of a moving vehicle with said Katie Price, and can report she is an absolute hoot, but really – why mess with perfection?

d) Don’t guffaw at the back. The face is rather flawless. It’s just what goes on top of it that makes your eyes go funny.

e) There is a point to this. Oh yeah, yellow musn’t be her colour. Nor a Pucci-esque neckerchief.

f) The end.

g) ps. Pic from here. Thankings one and all.

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3 comments to “Honey, face?”

  1. She does look rather ropey. What’s going on around the mouth?

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  2. Those glasses are £2.99 down H&M. Or thirty pence down Asda.

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  3. Oh. Dear.

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