Belated rrrrappy bithday-ness – Paul Rudd

One of our many boyfriends

It was this fella’s birthday yesterday. The reason we didn’t mention it yesterday was because we were too busy getting pissed in London’s glittering Hampstead. Inneresting factoid: Lisa Stansfield and Javine were both in the same pub. Not together. Javine looked like a moose. Lisa Stansfield didn’t, and had the cutest little dog things with here. True story.

Anyway, Paul Rudd was 39 yesterday, and we’d bum him. Several times, in fact.

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2 comments to “Belated rrrrappy bithday-ness – Paul Rudd”

  1. What I wouldn’t give to be that strategically placed cotton sheet. And I’d kind of like to pretend his boxer shorts are an oxygen mask and wear it all day.

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  2. Oh Tequilla – you’re OUTRAGEOUS.
    I’ll have the oxygen mask when you’re done with it…

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