‘Ooh, Lord, is it gone 4 o’clock and we’ve still not had a ‘child abduction’-related sing-song?’

Let it plaaaaaaaaaaaay!

To mark the sheer levels of enjoyment we’re getting from the unfolding story of the ‘abduction’ of Shannon Matthews (uncle arrested, step-dad caught with child porn, aunt arrested, grandma arrested, mother arrested, stories of it all being a fit-up, the McCann fund approached with an ‘illiterate’ e-mail asking for cash, the story that the family might have been copying an episode of Shameless, mum might have been having an affair with Mr. Abductor… can it get any better?), we found this song by 80s dance diva Shannon. In the base of a divan bed as it happens! After the jump. You know you want to…

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