Oooh, Betty. And Pip.


When they have a moment to themselves, Her Maj and Prince Pip can oft be seen moonlightin’ for other reputable companies – in this instance, Australianish purveyors of t-shirt-age, Goatboy. Whose tagline is ‘irony will set you free’.

Anways, what they do-dee-do is, get nice tees (American Apparel, if you will) and stick nice things on them, according to your (or our, or their) whims. Par example, apropos Princess Diana, ‘She’s Dead – So get over it!’

Contro. Versial.

It’s all very tongue-in-cheek, it’s all very affordable, and it’s all very get-able from here. But probably not here.


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3 comments to “Oooh, Betty. And Pip.”

  1. Er, hello!

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  2. Do you think I could get one of those Lady DIE t-shirts down at Harrods? Mr. Fayed???

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  3. He sells most tat, so probably.

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