When in Rome…

The only modern building in Rome

OK, so Rome may be The Eternal City etc blah, but you don’t necessarily need that reflected in your living quarters.

In fact, Rome can be so zzzzzzzzzzz-inducingly antique, you do actually need something contemporary to rest your eyes on every once in a while. And now – hooray! – the brand new Pulitzer Roma (we’re big fans of their Barcelona outlet) gives us said respite and allows us to be the fabulous jet setters we really truly are.

See the inside over the jump…With black and white 70s decor and all the modern amenities you’ll ever need, like a good cocktail bar and restaurant, and beautiful spaces to stretch your Lindas, there’s no need to go and see that dolly Vatican City at all if you don’t want to.

And so to bed... White on whiteness
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  1. S’nice indeed.

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