Meet the Badass Wombles of Central Park

Underground, man!

They did it to Winnie the Pooh, they did it to… okay, that’s the only one we can think of at the mo (hangover), but they of whom we speak are our Americanish friends from over there, who took our homely ickle bear and made him soften his t’s and roll his r’s (and we don’t mean in a West Country manner, neither) and turned him into a thoroughly non-British bear. Boo.

And now they’ve gone and done it to The Wombles.

Those cutesy inhabitants of Wimbledon Common have been given a thoroughly US of A makeover, which sees a relocation to Central Park and a gym-ed up Womble Tomsk ask his chums, ‘What’s going in this ‘hood?’ to which one replies, ‘You is, buddy!’

You catcheth our drifteth.

Oh but wait one cotton pickin’ momento… For all is not what it seems. Oh no. Ooooh no. The whole Americanisation business is a ploy – a ruse, if you will – by The Producers Alliance of Cinema and Television to highlight their campaign to get more British kids’ shows made. ‘Cause you may have noticed that despite us churning out the most genius children’s telly ever (Bagpuss, Paddington Bear, Banana Man, Postman Pat, Magic Roundabout, Roobard and Custard, Wind in the Willows, Rentaghost, Henry’s Cat, etc and another etc), the youth of today are mostly watching shite from foreign-land, picking up funny little phrases as they go. You know, like ‘You is a cunt’, etc.

Watch the clip after Jumpy – and wait till the end where Bernard Cribbins goes, ‘Tell those Wombles in government we need to start making British programmes for British kids again before it’s too late.’ S’nice and s’clever.

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  1. I love Wimbledon Common. Only been the once. Okay, twice. But I enjoyed it both times immensely.

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