Fag Hag Holiday Diary

Homeward bound Faggy...


The Fag Hag is leaving the Riviera my darlings – yep, I am packing up my gold string bikini and my Evil Under the Sun hat and my dog-eared Danielle Steele novels and flying off back to the land where the doughnut-eater one off-of Gavin and Stacey can inexplicably suddenly become a sex symbol (honestly, you turn your back on your babies for a week and they start going insania). 

So farewell palm trees, farewell hot French waiters with tight buns and adieu 57-year-old ladies wearing white racer back t-shirts saying ‘Dior Babe’ in diamante.

Buy some cheap streamers from Clintons, pour the prossie cocktails and oil up the rent boys – the Fag Hag is coming home!

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  1. I have one of those Dior Babe tops. I wear it only on special occasions.

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