JM back to old self

who he in the green?

Oh Jodie, Jodes. J. After we showed you looking so… well… so-so on the yester-yore, you go and do this.

Yes, last night saw Jodie of Marsh-land and her 32GG newuns popping out to the launch some bar or other in London’s Glittering gutter (probably).

Wearing a bizarre tassled number, a pair of faded denims that we can only assume have a smelly crotch and boots even Stacey Slater wouldn’t touch, the ‘I’ve got GSECs you know’ glamour model revealed she felt pressure to have her ‘natural’ puppies enhanced.

‘Gravity had taken its toll and as any woman with big real boobs knows; when they lose volume it’s not attractive or confidence-building. There are so many images of women with amazing fake boobs,’

Like this for example…


The gurgling continues…‘I didn’t really feel like mine were good enough. I think society has forgotten what real boobs look like, and women like me end up thinking our boobs aren’t nice because they disappear into our armpits when we lie down.’

The thought if it.

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2 comments to “JM back to old self”

  1. So that’s what Mohamed Al Fayed gets up to when he’s not wasting the court’s time and money on avenging Di and Dodo.

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  2. But chas and/or dave, that IS Di to hisright, looks like he dug her up.
    And Jodie, WHY??? It brings to mind that docu thing last night about that lovely rich man re-introducing mooses (meece?) into Scotchland. Can’t wait for the bears…

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