Fag Hag Diary

Faggy hearts CloClo


The fag hag managed to pick a little something up whilst she was in Juan les Pins. Fortunately it wasn’t an STD but instead an obsession with French singer CloClo.

Qui est CloClo I hear you cry?

CloClo died 30 years ago this month whilst changing a lightbulb and the French seem to still be wailing over it, morose bastards. But then CloClo was, in fairness too fabulous for words. He wore far too much mascara and had hair the colour of utterly butterly, in the style of an Austrian lesbian. He can be spotted singing the strangest song ever with a young Jodie Foster on French TV (check out Youtube). He apparently made his wife wear an old sack dress for her wedding day so that the money could be spent on his glittery suit.

And finally, despite being dubbed the man who loved women, I love CloClo because he’s the fag hag’s favourite kinda guy, one who looks like he’s fit to burst out of the closet! Well if that type’s working for Judy and Liza he’s sure good enough for me…

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  1. We are pleased that your lower expectations will be met, hopefully by someone more worthy then David Guest.

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