Get inside Russell Brand’s panties

We're assured the gusset will be disinfected

And get Herpes? No thanks.

Some stylish (allegedly) celebs are doing their bit for chairdee and cleansing their wardrobes – aka chucking out any old shit – for auction on

Some of the famouses offering their sloppy seconds include Russell Brand, Jodie Kidd, members of Kaiser Chiefs, Paul Weller, Jodie Marsh, Jo Whiley (eh?), Howard Marks (whaa?) and *gasp* Peaches Geldof.

Yes, because everybody wants to look like this…

Bob's not your uncle, he's your dad Launching on 1st May, the chosen charities benefiting from the auction include Refuge, Focus 12, NSPCC and Marie Curie to name a few. You can do your bit and be the proud owner of… wait for it… a Russell Brand skinny jean or maybe even Jodie Marsh’s pink CBB eviction top. Contain yourself please. *tut*

Nice, recycling, eco-friendly types Big Wardrobe have been around for a while now and encourage people to swap clothes for free. Yey! For the more squeamish among you, there are also brand-spanking new clothes available for rather reasonable earth pounds. Head over here for the juice.

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