New video from NLC* Kylie

*yawn* anyone got the time?

The whispy voiced, crispy haired, ‘brave’ Kylie has unveiled her blander than bland video for new single ‘All I See’.

Frankly all we see is another black and white wrist-slittingly dull video for a plonky-plonk tune, but it does feature this inneresting character, Marco da Silva, so might be worth a peek.


Would you though? * FYI – Nasty Little Cunt
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3 comments to “New video from NLC* Kylie”

  1. Is this not just a composite of all her old videos/looks? Rubbish.

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  2. this video is so embarrassing. and you can barely see his face. guess kylie was afraid that he would steal the show by just being more interesting for her main audience (=gays). he was in our offices a while back picking up a copy of Maenner (German gay mag) which he was on the cover on. He is quite small, but cute. He also is on the cover and in the book Chulo by photographer Joan Crisol that’s gonna be out in a month or so.

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  3. This is the cheapest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

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