A gadget that makes us have a (wet) wee…

Gimme one. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a) Oooh, isn’t it long?

b) It’s a miShare.

b) It’s p’raps the most cheeeeenius thing we’ve come across since the baby Gee invented the mens in order for us to come across.

c) What is does, is, enable you to steal share your friends’ music/vids/etc off-of their iPods, direct onto yours. Without passing Go or anything.  

This is good for the following reasons:

i) It’s really, really hard to get your friends’ stuff off-of their iPods and onto yours, without getting a computer involved and/or knowing, like, LOADS about computers. And we don’t. And neither do most of our friends.

ii) Saves you buying stuff. Except a miShare in the first place.

iii) It is literally the one thing we hate about our iPods (that we find it really hard to knick stuff off-of our friends’ iPods), so this makes us happy.

iv) The end.

ps. They cost 100 earth dollars, and are currently being shippy-le-shipped across the globe. ‘Citing.

pps. You can get your dirty hands on one, here.

ppps. Bye.


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  1. Hi pumpkin. Check out my website. Would love to link each other. Oh wow that sounds kinky! Hugs, Sister Mary.


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