‘Oy vey, is it four o’clock already and we’ve still not had a sing-song?’

Don't rain on her freaking parade

Today, to honour the 66th birthday of one Ms. Barbra ‘no A in the middle’ Streisland (with an L in the middle just to see how it sits. Hmmm. Quite nice actually) from before she got a bit trouty and was still Simply Barbra with an Egyptian eyeliner down that Stoney End. It’s from the year of Her Majesty 1975 and it’s ‘Don’t Rain On My Parade’. After the jump…

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2 comments to “‘Oy vey, is it four o’clock already and we’ve still not had a sing-song?’”

  1. Trouty! TROUTY!!!! You wanna fat lip me-me-me?

    Happy birthday HRH Queen Babs, love ya long time! xxx

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  2. From Queen Bee’s 1975 From Funny Girl To Funny Lady TV special. This was 70’s Barbra, the Barbra I fell in love with. Then Jim took her in a truck to Malibu and left me in Stoney End watering my evergreens. My Heart belongs to Barbra. Happy Birthday Barbra. Also happy birthday to Shirley MacLaine as well. Barbra and Shirley always try to spend some quality time together on their shared birthdays. Of course 70’s Barbra loved her some of that fine Shirley’s brother, Warren Beatty. Warren then did a movie about an oversexed hairdresser called Shampoo. Then Miss Barbra did a hairdresser named Jon Peters and A Star Is Born was Born. MEMORIES….

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