Er, hair(s)?

Ebony and Ivory.

Katie Price off-of Jordan and Peter Andre off-of Katie Price, currently doing the rounds in London’s glittering Los Angerleese generally looking not very good at all, can here be seen not looking very good. At all.

Jordan’s swiped Jackie Collins’ hair, whilst Pete’s looking gayer than Liberace with his piano shoved up his arse. And yes, we hate it when Liberace is used withinside any hackneyed gay context but, well, it’s been a long week and we really wanted to use ‘piano shoved up his arse’ in a sentence today.

Ooh, fun fact: Katie Price is here seen on her way to her plastico surgeon to discuss yet another breast reduction. S’true. These people told us. Thankings. 

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2 comments to “Er, hair(s)?”

  1. Such. Horrible. Clothes.

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  2. Jordan looks like Esther Rantzen.

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