Oh, look, it’s Madonna helping the poors of Aaafricaaa.

Get this child off my back!

It is a good good thing she do and why do a good good thing without a camera crew? Hmmm?

Madonna’s long-awaited Malawi docu called I Am Because We Are is almost ready for consumption, which is why there’s this rather over-long and rather pretentious trailer of it up on the interweb, though we do like a little Bill Clinton and a bit of Desmond Tutu, and even Madge in some dressed down Out of Africa wear.

See for yourself over the jump… 

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2 comments to “Oh, look, it’s Madonna helping the poors of Aaafricaaa.”

  1. All you need to know about that sanctimonious cunt:

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  2. oh she should just spent her money on drugs and prostitutes..! How dare her use her money and fame to do something good. She is only doing it for the publicity of course! No way would she have a heart and think about anyone else. She does EVERYTHING in her life for money. To get more publicity. She has not inspired anyone at all. Not like Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse, Kylie Minouge. She should just go out everything night get drunk take drugs. That’s better than giving money to charity and helping others. She is stupid

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