Oh Gawwwwwwwwwwwwd, we hate ourselves in this picture…

Boyfriend #73

Innit long.

Anyways, this is some gennelman we’ve never heard of (Robert Buckley. We imdb’d. Still no idea) who’s been filming a moving picture with Heather Locklear AKA a straight-to-DVD/Hallmark.

Anyways, he’s been getting his kit off rather a lot during filming of said filmic device, and the pics have been doing the dolly rounds.

Here are two more (face is a bit dodge in one o’ them, but we’re a forgiving lot)…

Doesn't he have small nipples? Oh hello.

*has a fiddle*

We got these pictures – yes, them up there – from ici. Ta.

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More dolly #content:

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  1. I smell the whiff of a newly-applied fake tan.

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