Fag Hag Diary

Arse on that!


The Fag Hag got a lovely impromptu marriage proposal this morning. Well, actually it was more of an aesthetic appraisal. Oh, alright then, it was a builder shouting, ‘Fuck me! Look at the arse on that!’

As I blushed daintily, bid the kind sir good day and daintily laid a hanky scented with lavender at the scene, I couldn’t help but wonder… When builders say that, is it even a compliment? 

I mean, he could have said, ‘You have a nice arse’, or ‘I like the rotund shape so much I want to poke my pee pee near it.’ Then I would have been under no doubt as to his favourable review. But he just instructed people to look at the arse. On that.

And it’s the not knowing I can’t stand. I will be passing by that builder later today – and do you know what I will be shouting dear readers? ‘Fuck me, look at the penis on that!’ See how that builder handles the curse of the ambiguous compliment.

PS The albino looks like he’s won Mayor Idol. Crack open the strychnine… 

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3 comments to “Fag Hag Diary”

  1. Look at the Major on that!

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  2. or was that Mare?

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  3. My guess is your not holding out for the engagement ring?

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