Did this pretty Spanish lady and an evil dictator shaft Cliff Richards?

What a bad bitch!

Oh, yeah, she may look like mantequilla wouldn’t melt in her Spanish mouth but it turns out this one, Massiel her name is, bent our own Lady Sir Cliff Richards right over and gave him a long one where the baby Jesus has prevented him having a long one before.

It turns out, when he sang ‘Congratulations’ at Eurovish in 1978, evil Spanish dictator Franco rigged the vote so that the Spanish entrant, singing a song called ‘La La La’ would beat Sir Richards into second place. It’s all come out in a documentary and everything and diplomatic relations are said to be strained.

‘I’ve lived with the number two thing for so many years,’ said Lady Cliff (funny, we’ve heard those rumours!), ‘it would be wonderful if someone official from the contest turned around and said, “Cliff, you won that darn thing after all”.’ Darn!? Language, Clifford.

Anyways, we’re going to be controversial and say we actually prefer ‘La La La’ to ‘Congratulations’. Hear it after the jump… 

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2 comments to “Did this pretty Spanish lady and an evil dictator shaft Cliff Richards?”

  1. I’m freaking loving this story. Especially the homo twists and turns you’ve given it. Verily funny.

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  2. “How ever did that DARN thing get up there” Sir Cliffy exclaimed. I must have fallen on that young spanish sailor while adjusting my trousers. It’s never happened before, and I assure you dear readers it will never happen again. I am a happy bachelor.

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