Ooh, look, posh boys naked in a fountain!

Fnar fnar fnar

Anyone who’s seen Atonement knows that the English upper crust like nothing more than getting in and out of the old ancestral fountain in maybe some form-hugging underwear and perhaps with a bottle of champagne or a priceless vase or something…

Here we have two bi-curious dandies from Brideshead Revisited in the new trailer featuring a whole load of Emma Thompson as someone’s mum. See it after the jumpsicle… 

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2 comments to “Ooh, look, posh boys naked in a fountain!”

  1. LOVE Emma Thompson. I was standing next to her sister – you know, the mad one who was shagging Phil and stalking his wet deaf son in Stenders – the other day in Angel. I acted very normally.

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  2. I love the upper classes. They’re generally very good in bed, I’ve found. I was fucking a silver fox of an Earl for some years in my youth. He taught me a lot.

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