Hello sir, I would like a nice shirt thank you please. ‘Ow much? 23,000 English golden coins? Eat me.

Sorry, there's a button missing...?

See that shirt up there? That’s the most expensive (said in a Frenchie accent, just for added je ne sais what) shirt in the whole dolly wide world, that is. S’true.

It will set you back (on yer back prolly, in order to raise the cash dollar) £23,000. Which will buy you a small home somewhere in the UK of Blighty you’d never, ever want to live, or 2,300,000 penny chews.

It’s from Eton, makers of fancy shirts, and it’s for-to-mark their 80th birthday. Rrrrrrrappy b’day, etc. And it’s a bit pricey for the following reasons:

– It’s made of the finest Egyptian yarn. Better friggin’ had be, blah.

– The studs and cufflinks are diamond-encrusted. Better friggin’ had be, etc.

– The studs have coloured diamonds and the cufflinks, er, don’t. They’re normal ones.

– Oh.

The shirt is on tour as we speak, going around Eton stores across Santa’s green earth. Not on tour in the Kylie sense. Actually, much like on tour in the Kylie sense. Read into that what you will. We’re still interpreting our own analogies this end…

Oh ps. Eton est here on the interdolly. Thankings.

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