Oh, hello.

Oh gawwwwd, we hate ourselves in this picture...!


So, this is Chris Carmack. We’ve done him before, not in that way. Or maybe in that way, who can say?

Anyways, we were um-ing and ah-ing as to whether he’d be our new boyfriend ou non, then after seeing these pictures of our new boyfriend we decided, what the hell, he can be our new boyfriend. We’d even bum him and everything.

This is him filming a new moving picture in Hawaii called The Blue 2, also known as ‘straight to DVD’.

There are two more pics after Jumpy. He’s what is known in the business as hotty le hot. You may know of his work.

Nice bonnet. Just splashin' around.
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  1. He is in me right now.

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  2. Hell to the Yes! I’d hit it!!

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