Jackie Collins answers your questions *squeel*

Yeah Jackie! You popped your hard questions deep withinside of Jackie Collins and she took them like a goodun. Here’s what she had to say…

Have you ever seen the French & Saunders Luckybitches ‘tribute’ to you and Joan? What did you think? Were you insulted? – Bernard
I have seen it many times and I think it is hilarious. I wasn’t insulted at all because I think it’s a great compliment to be portrayed on TV by two such great comedians. I loved it! I have a lot of gay friends and every one of them saw it first and said to me, ‘Oh my god wait till you see this!’ And we all sat together to watch it and were in hysterics. I actually met French and Saunders in a restaurant a while later, and they seemed quite uncomfortable. I guess they thought I was going to be insulted, but you can’t get insulted, it’s a compliment!

Have you ever owned up to who any of your characters are based on? Go on, give us a clue to a couple? – Saline Dion
I don’t actually own up to the names because that would ruin the guessing game but I have had a few interesting gay characters in the past that have been based on people I know. And sometimes a friend would read it and be like, ‘That’s me! But why didn’t you go into my sex life?’ Well, it’s because being straight I find it difficult to write about this stuff, even though I have all these gay friends going into the details of their sex lives for me. But maybe I will have to reveal some of the names eventually – and no, it’s not Elton!

Has anyone you ever based one of your characters on ever come up to you and said “How did you KNOW that about me!?!” – Cluelessboy
Well the Hollywood wives used to do that all the time. They would come up to me and be like, ‘You have written about my husband in Hollywood Wives, how dare you!’ And I would reply, ‘Hollywood Wives is about fading superstars, so it’s obviously not your husband,’ and then they would be OK.

Who are your favourite authors? Dead and alive… – Dickens
Dead one would be Mario Puzo who wrote The Godfather. I think he is amazing, his visual images jump off the pages and his characters are so great. And the other dead author is F Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby being an all-time favourite book. And the alive one…I like Elmer Leonard, because he writes fast, sexy, fun, fiction. And Joseph Wambaugh, who writes Hollywood cop stories that are really great, and a new author called David Levin who writes thrillers.

What products do you use in your hair? – Noted Beauty Journalist
I love John Frieda! And also Bumble and Bumble. In fact I went into Selfridges yesterday, and there was a guy standing there all important in his suit and I said, ‘Do you have Bumble and Bumble?’ and he went ‘Oh, my dear what is Bumble and Bumble?’ And I was like ‘Excuse me but it’s quite a well known haircare label.’ And he shrieked to his friend and I was like, what is up with this guy? But then the friend pointed me in the direction of shelves upon shelves of the stuff!

Who do you adore most, Kylie or Madonna? – Joe
Well I just got Madonna’s new album Hard Candy which I think is absolutely amazing. In fact, I listened to it with a friend who said he didn’t like it and then he rang me the next day and said, ‘I’ve changed my mind, I love it!’ Often with Madonna you have to listen to it a few times before you get into it and once you do you’re hooked. And there is one song in particular, ‘She’s Not Me’, it is the most fantastic track. And I love Kylie because she is such a survivor and because she has a great ass.

What’s on your bedside table? – Nosey Parker
The latest Mario Testino book of photographs, because I think he is a brilliant photographer and also, there’s a picture of me in the book with Lindsay Lohan at the Vanity Fair party! She is an acquaintance of mine, she’s a little crazy but fun and I was a little crazy at her age too. She was off to the ladies room to change her outfit for the fourth time that night! So that’s a fun book to have on your bedside table.

Give us your best sex tip… – Claudia
The pleasure you give is the pleasure you get back tenfold.

Who is your favourite wife of Henry VIII? – Anne Boleyn
Oh cut off your head, I really don’t know! I’ll say Anne Boleyn.

They often say that the people who talk about sex the most are having the least. Do you find this to be true, as someone who talks about it ONE HELL OF A LOT? – DeeLee
Well maybe the person who asked that is not having a lot of sex then! What I do hate is when you’re going out to dinner with friends and they start telling you about their sex lives, like, ‘Guess what we did in front of the fire before we came out tonight!’ It’s like, oh no I really don’t want to know! Sex is interesting to write about though and I always put on fantastic music when I am approaching a sex scene, like Usher or R Kelly, a little bit of R&B or a dash of Eminem. Something with a beat.

How old is Lucky Santangelo now? Who is she based on? Who would play her in a movie? – Silvio
Well I have decided to keep Lucky’s age mysterious because unfortunately in Chances, the first book about the Santangelo family, I named the year that she was born, and people are always asking be about how old she is. When Drop Dead Beautiful came out I based it in the year 2000, even though it came it came out in 2007. So she is 40-something. I’ve actually done two movies about Lucky, I did a miniseries for NBC primetime and she was played in the first one by Nicolette Sheridan in a dark wig and if you go to my website www.jackiecollins.com there are stills of her playing Lucky. She was amazing. Her mother is played by Sandra Bullock, because her mother is murdered when she is four. In the second mini-series she’s played by Kim Delaney. I had originally suggested, when we were doing the castings, that we have Angelina Jolie or Jessica Alba, who were both unknown because this was ten years ago. And they were like, ‘Nobody has ever heard of them’. But they would have been perfect!

What’s your favourite word? – London Lady
Fuckhead. Or dumb fuckhead. I use it a lot.

What would be the ideal situation to read one of your books? What music, food, location, scenario, etc? – Barry Norman
Well I think you’d be in Brazil on the beach with your iPod and you would be listening to Mariah Carey’s ‘Touch My Body’. The sun would be shining and you would have a Pina Colada. That would be the perfect situation.

Which of the characters you’ve created would you most like to do the business with and why? – McNugget
Oh all my men! I mean, Jack Python in Hollywood Husbands, Don Verona the talkshow host In Married Lovers, he is so sexy. I love bad boys who are slightly flawed and a woman can come along and try to change them. I like Charlie Dollar, the movie star who has been in several of my books. He’s ever-so-slightly based on Jack Nicholson.

Who would play YOU in a film of your life? And who would play Joanie? – French and/or Saunders
‘Joanie’, I love it! I don’t know, I have never really given that any thought. Obviously I love Angelina Jolie so she can play me, thank you very much. Joan Joan Joan…I think Susan Sarandon.

Have you been to a gay wedding yet? Are they better than straight ones? – Diamond Ring
They are more fun, gay men always have more fun. I have a few very close gay friends and they enjoy themselves more than straight people. Gay weddings rule! I have a couple of fabulous gay characters in Married Lovers. I bought back Cole Debarge, the fabulous fitness trainer who has been in three previous books. He’s one of the trainers at Cameron Paradise’s place, who is also a fitness trainer. One is black and gorgeous and the other one has a mane of dirty blond hair.

Booky wook

Jackie’s new book Drop Dead Beautiful is out right now kids and you purchase it with actual earth pounds right here.

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  2. Aww, in some ways Jackie reminds me of a slightly older less glamorous version of me

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