Goodness gracious! It’s past 4 o’ clock already and we’ve not had a sing-song yet

Nonce In ‘honour’ of Our Kelly’s trial for child pornography – which today saw the screening of an alleged sex tape with an underage girlie – we thought you’d enjoy a bit of Gary Glitter.

Three facts about Robert Sylvester Kelly…

He married his protege Aaliyah when she was 15

He wrote a song called Half on a Baby

Bump n Grind includes the lyric, ‘My mind’s telling me no, but my body, my body’s telling me yes’

N.B. – Change ‘mind’ to ‘law’ and ‘body’ to ‘cock’.

Anyway, enjoy ‘I’m The Leader of the Gang (I Am)’ by Gary Glitter. We’re not saying a word…

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