Our Glorious Leader vamps it up in Cannes

At least there's no flange on display Currently in Cannes with the world and his bitch, OGL Madonna has been oot and aboot on a romantic din-dins date with husband Guy Ritchie off-of-Madonna fame.

Wearing some saucy gear – well, anything to liven things up nowadays, eh? – she rolled out of a Frenchie taxi cab last night in thigh high booties, a leopard print-lined flashers mac and fingerless ‘try to ignore my claw-like hands’ gloves.


While we’re here can we say yes yes yes to Hard Candy. Might take a while, but it’s officially our favouritest of long players at the moment.

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2 comments to “Our Glorious Leader vamps it up in Cannes”

  1. kylie looks better – and her cd X is millions times better than the rubbish that is Hard Candy!

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  2. Kylie is ten years younger yet looks five years older than M. Not to mention she’s probably suffering Botulism judging from the shite she put on her last album

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