We’ve heard of a donkey dick, but a ferret?!

Don't cry Raef, we heart you Raef off-of Apprentice shock firing fame (confirmation that ‘Sir’ Alan Sugar is a complete and utter twat) has been chitter chattering on about the sexual tension in the house and withinside of his very own panties.

Apparently some ‘ladies’ of the house ‘were so sex-starved and they kept eyeing me up all the time looking for action. I didn’t give in to them – I’ve got a girlfriend, thanks.’ Raef went onto reveal ‘They [the two Jennies – as in Ginger and Irish] called me ferret because they said the outline of my private parts looked like I had a ferret squirming around in my trousers.’

Squirming around? Hmmm…

Of ‘good little Jewish boy’ Michael, he claimed not to be angry despite the back-stabbing little numpty doing the dirty on him in last night’s showdown, Raef said, ‘I don’t blame Michael for shafting me. It’s in his nature. He’s more aggressive and ruthless than me’

Shafting him? Hmmm…

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2 comments to “We’ve heard of a donkey dick, but a ferret?!”

  1. Can’t believe Raef went and that anooying creep Michael stayed. He might literally be the most annoying person in the world.

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  2. I’d like to be the filling in a Raef/Michael sandwich. Then for afters, I would like a slice of Lee McQueen with some Alex Wotherspoon sprinkled on top. Ooh, and a smidge of Sir Alan, too. Crikey, The Apprentice sure has got me fired up this year.

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