Oooh, look at our lovely new homo! :-) It’s in Abu Dhabi :-(

Oooh, what a lovely homo you have...

Hello. We love our new house, don’t you? It’s on an ickle island where the sun shines a lot, you get a water view, it’s designed by Studio Dror, who are based in New York(ie Bar. Yum), and it only costs in the region of 15million English golden coins. Bargainous.

But wait one cotton pickin’ momento, real estate-watchers – our new homo (actually, it’s a bunch of houses plus a boutique hotel. Cooo) is in Abu Dhabi-absolutely-no-way-eee.

*looks at brochure again; reconsiders*

So, right, what it is, is:

Luxury. Literally. The development’s called ‘Luxury’. We’ll be the judge of that. And it’s a 130,000-square-meter island northeast of Abu Dhabi, that will be transformed into an exclusive residential estate, comprising 31 beachfront estates and 36 water villas. That’s our water villa up there. There’s also going to be a dead nice boutique hotel, with 60 suites, for when dirty friends come to stay and quite rightly you don’t want them in your house. There are pictures of that after the jump.

The water villas have three bedrooms, four bathrooms (who’s the extra bathroom for?), private rooftop garden with spa pool, infinity pool, outdoor bbq area and c) and d).

If you’ve got a few extra pennies, you can go CRAZY and get one of the ‘seaside estates’ which have their own private beaches, infinity pools, indoor reflecting pools (wat dat?), concealed service quarters (oh phew), entertainment patios and chef.

Concluding thought on the matter: Homo is where the homo is, after all.

Look at more pictures of our new home that we’ll prolly never have time to visit, after Jumpy…

Neighbours from hell. That boat's far too trashy for us. The local B&B
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2 comments to “Oooh, look at our lovely new homo! :-) It’s in Abu Dhabi :-(”

  1. So why would you want to give this place publicity, when it’s in a country known for its harassment of gays?

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  2. I think their disdain for Abu Dhabi is pretty obvious. But they do look nice places. Move ’em somewhere else, and we’re on.

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