Ooooooh, fancy.

What? I can see bugger all!

The legend goes thus: for the past 100 years, clever people have been building a secret tunnel betwixt London’s glittering London and New York. It’s now finished. It allows people in London to look through it and see people in New York. And vice versa.

The truth goes thus: it’s a genius piece of art by Big London artist Paul St. George, who is apparently fulfilling the dream of his great-grandfather, Alexander Stanhope St. George, who dreamt of tunneling across the Atlantic from London to New York. Gawwwwd, as if!

Anyways, by the Power of Greyskull, if you go down to either Tower Bridge, South Bank side or the Fulton Ferry Landing by Brooklyn Bridge, you’ll be able to have a go and see people t’other end. Tell your mates to be there at the same time and it’ll be, like, fun. It’s like Skype, only not.

Oh, and it’s called Telectroscope, and you have till 15th June.

And after the jump, you’ll see what it looks like from the NYC end. How rude.

Ooh, shiny.


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  1. Binoculars are much easier.

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  2. Mummy take me pleeeease!

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