Ooh, look momma, shiny new trainies…

Something shiny this way comes

There’s nothing says summer quite so much as a formidable new bit of footwear. And these babies, in all their Quality Street wrapper glory, say summer that bit louder than any other footwear we can think of off the top of our heads. And how great would they look with a slim-fit skinny-style jeanery? Hmmm?

They are special edition (honey, we wouldn’t want them if they weren’t!), they are by one Pierre Hardy, they have a name (Cruzeiro – which we think is Brazilian for something) and they are available exclusively at Dover Street Market. In Dover Street. London, not Dover. Near Bond Street. Green Park Tube. Oh, Streetmap it.

They also have these lovely other ones (after the jump so you have to invest that extra click, which bumps our numbers right up…)

Ta-da! Here they are. And thanks for that click. At least we didn’t do that lame, ‘Which celebrity is this that we’ve blocked the face out of?’ thing to get you through, eh? 

Aren't they blue, though?
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3 comments to “Ooh, look momma, shiny new trainies…”

  1. Oh me me me, I love your honesty!

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  2. I like the second pair best. I’d like to stroke them. A lot.

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  3. They look like the sort of thing a mental child would wear.

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