Remember the Village People before they became your nana’s favourite group?

Bobbing for boyfriends down at the YMCA

Village People – or VP as we like to call them, mainly because it makes us think of VPL, Visible Penis Line, our new favourite website – were once credible. Well, as credible as a bunch of wannabe gays with feathers in their hair can ever be.

They was like, history, and everything portraying all the different types on the gay scene (my, how things have quietened down!).

And now very cool magazine Spin has decided to concentrate on the truly subversive side of the boys: your Auntie Jean singing about the venue where you could go and get group banged by strangers, the navy almost being suckered into using the VP’s song about getting cock in the navy (song: ‘In the Navy’) in their recruitment drive… Oh, fun days.

Read an ‘oral history’ – tee hee – here.

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